Build Your Teenager's Resume & Stand out for College, Scholarship, and Career Success!
Focus on the big picture! Jumpstart your teen's career by building a personal website and learning how the internet works, all while gaining in-demand digital age skills. 
"I participated in the Student-Tutor Mastermind class and it taught me valuable lessons about networking, marketing myself, and using technology to become more successful!"
Sydney Millerwise 
11th-Grade High School Student
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We Focus on the Big Picture... Career Success!
Statistics have shown that college admission advisors "Google" prospective students.

In addition... future employers are almost guaranteed to do the same! (70% as of 2017, Career Builder)

Use this to your advantage and help your student learn how the internet or "Google" works.
Start having them build an online presence and community around topics of interests early on!
Read Full USA Today Article: 5 reasons you should have a personal website
When it comes time to apply for that internship or build that startup they have been dreaming about... 

They will already have authority and trust among those in their niche! 

Their digital skills, online presence, and established network will impress future employers, investors, clients, colleagues, etc.

No matter what line of work they are in... a strong online presence will always provide more opportunities!
"Something unique happens when a student goes through this course. They get excited, motivated to succeed, and passionate about their future career possibilities.

- Todd VanDuzer, CEO & Co-Founder
Why This is Important...
Hello my name is Todd VanDuzer, the course instructor, and I invite you to Google me! :) 

Afterwards, ask yourself... how do you feel about me working with your student?   Do the hundreds of blog articles, Huffington Post contributions, podcasts, videos, etc. make me more trustworthy? 

Or Google generic terms like  "Math Websites" or "Getting into UC Berkeley" to find our articles ranking #1. 

Do I seem like a big deal or "authority" in education? 

PS: We get over 75,000+ visitors coming to our website per month!
People do business with those they "know, like, and trust." 

The only difference between parent's generation and their student's generation is the medium (blogs, social media, podcasts, online content) in which we build that "know, like, and trust" has changed!

In this course, I will help your student learn how to utilize this new medium in a productive way. 
They will build an online network & refine digital age skills to ensure a lifetime of success! 
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What the Teenage Mastermind Program Includes:
- Six (6) weekly two-hour live online classes through Zoom, a meeting platform like Skype. 

- Lifetime access to our self-study website development course. 

- Lifetime access to Facebook group community, plus, optional virtual meet-ups!
Week #1: Domain Name, Hosting, & Theme Installation.
Week #2: Wordpress Navigation, Plugins, & Widgets.
Week #3: Finalization, Analytics, & Webmaster Tools.
Week #4: How To Go About Interviewing Someone.
Week #5: How To Write a Google SEO Friendly Blog Article.
Week #6: Social Media Personal Branding + Share Article! 
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