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Who is Todd VanDuzer?
Hi! My name is Todd VanDuzer, and I am the CEO & co-founder of Student-Tutor. Over the last decade, I've been a tutor in nearly every subject, an SAT/ACT course/curriculum developer, the recipient of over $85,000 in scholarships, the host of a career exploration podcast for teens, and a Huffington Post education writer, and have successfully helped over a thousand unique students get into their dream colleges, with thousands in scholarships!

I'm excited for the opportunity to help your family as well! :-)
"It's my goal to help every student develop an actionable plan that inspires motivation, and draws their focus on the BIG PICTURE. For each of their parents, I'd like to eliminate the stress & confusion surrounding the college process."
Todd VanDuzer, CEO of Student-Tutor & Your Personal Career & College Consultant
Our Proven Process
Step 1:  Gather Information
In preparation for the strategy session, we will ask you to watch a fun video and complete a short questionnaire. These will help us learn more about your student's career interests, college objectives, academic standing, and other info needed help develop their unique plan!
Step 2:  In-Depth Research 
Let US take care of the heavy lifting! After learning more about your goals, we'll research your top 3 college choices, and provide you with the relevant GPA,  SAT/ACT, extracurricular, and financial requirements of these schools...
plus their scholarship opportunities!
Step 3: Strategy Session
Find a time that works for your family, then meet with us for your strategy session!
Here, we will further explore your student's unique curiosities, dream colleges, and career ambitions; then challenge them to set a FEARLESS goal, which will serve as the framework for their success plan!
Step 4: Report + Teenage Mastermind Trial 
After the Strategy Session, we will provide you with a detailed report highlighting the FEARLESS VISION we discussed, and a step-by-step checklist for the upcoming years.

With this roadmap charting the course to success, all that's left is EXECUTION.

But... We're not just going to send you out on your own!.. No Way!

Instead, we'd like to give your child a unique opportunity to be a part of something even BIGGER... we call it, the TEENAGE MASTERMIND PROGRAM.

This global network of ambitious teens and world-class mentors is designed to keep students motivated, focused, and on track for college, career, and life success!

To ensure your student hits the ground running after their strategy session, we'll be inviting them to experience EVERYTHING the Mastermind Community has to offer...

Designed For 8th - 11th Grade Students
Please Note: 8th & 9th Grade is NOT too early to start thinking about college!
Together, Let's Develop a Confident & Proven Plan for College, Career, and Life Success! 
20-Minute Consultation
Let's Talk About Where You ARE,
& Where You'd Like to GO.
  • Consultation w/ Academic Advisor
  • Bonus: Parent's Guide To College Planning
90-Minute strategy session
One Time Payment
  • Strategy Session With Todd VanDuzer 
  • Research & Reports: 3 Colleges + 2 Bonus Recommendations
  • 30-Day Trial To Teenage Mastermind Program 
90-Minute strategy session
+ College Planning Course
One Time Payment
  • Strategy Session With Todd VanDuzer 
  • Research & Reports: 3 Colleges + 2 Bonus Recommendations
  • 30-Day Trial To Teenage Mastermind Program 
  • College Planning Course
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I am not satisfied with the Strategy Mapping Session?
If you are not 100% satisfied with the strategy session, and do NOT believe the plan we have helped you develop will save you time and money in the future, we will fully refund you! NO Problems, NO Hassle, NO Runaround... So, Give us ONE Shot! It's 100% RISK-FREE!
 What is the 30-Day Trial to the Teenage Mastermind Program? 
The Teenage Mastermind Program is a global teenage mentorship program that helps keep teenagers motivated, focused, and on track for college, career, and life success. Todd VanDuzer is the lead mentor, who works directly with your student and introduces them to other world-class mentors under the age of 35. More specific details on the program will be provided at the end of your Strategy Session. 

If you wish to continue past the 30-Day Free Trial, the cost is $179 per month, billed monthly; or $149 per month, billed annually.
Why Should I do this Strategy Mapping Sesssion? 
As I’m sure you’re already aware, the education system is NOT like it was 20 years ago!

FACT: 51% of students graduate and don't use the degree, the average student graduates with $37,172 in debt, and 18% end up worse financially than if they didn't go to College!

We see now MORE than ever, students are spending 10’s of THOUSANDS of dollars on an education, and of ALL the ones that graduate, less than HALF of them EVER USE their degree! With over a decade's experience in helping parents and teens navigate this process, we can confidently say, that most parents will need at least SOME guidance to ensure their student finds a college and career path that brings both financial stability, and overall happiness. 

In this strategy session, we will learn more about your goals, then help craft a CONFIDENT and PROVEN plan to ensure your student is on the road to success!
 My School Offers Great College & Career Advice. Why should I go with YOU?
What truly sets us apart, is our full-hearted commitment to this process.

Each week, we interview different successful young professionals from various fields of work (doctors, laywers, entreprenuers, engineers, programers, etc.), under the age of 35, who are not only successful on paper,  but live happy & fullfilled lives while making enormous strides in their unique professions. We do in-depth research on their industries, and ask them to share what steps they took to acheive greatness. We then get their reccomendations, and publish them for students looking to achieve simliar results. 

We have found that many times the advice that career and college counselors follow a more "standardized" approach - one based on the "old" education system. We go above and beyond to provide you with the "real world" knowledge that is necessary for your student's long-term happiness and success!
What is the College Planning Course?  
The College Planning Course is an online self-study course which we normally sell on our website for $197. It serves as an incredible resource after the Strategy Session, and details everything you need to know about the SAT/ACT/PSAT, scholarships, college admissions, and much more! 

As with all of our services, the course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied!