Revolutionary Teen Mentorship Program...
Learn "Real Life" Skills For College & Beyond! 
The college admissions process & job market are more competitive than ever! High grades, test scores, and a degree will NOT cut it anymore. 

Enroll today to ensure your child learns the skills needed to build a life filled with happiness, success, and financial freedom! 
"It is my goal for every student enrolled in the program to develop critical life skills, which they'll use to create lasting financial freedom and explore opportunities beyond their wildest dreams!"
Todd VanDuzer, CEO of Student-Tutor & Lead Mentor
HUNDREDS of Hours of Research & Interviews with the Brightest Minds in Education...
...taught us the steps students NEED for college, scholarship, and LIFE success! 
The college process is more confusing  and expensive than ever before!

Let's play... Three Truths and a Lie (guess the lie):

1) The average student graduates with $37,172 in student debt!

2) Less than ONE-HALF (only 49%) of graduates actually go out and use their degree!

3) The majority of Americans (formally educated, or NOT) become unhappy or dissatisfied with their line of work and, as a result, struggle financially

4) This must be the case for your student too!... You're DOOMED!

If you guessed #4 is the lie... you're correct!

This does not have to be the case for your student! Overcoming these new obstacles simply requires students to create the RIGHT plan with the RIGHT steps for success!

Stanford & Harvard are in reach! Full tuition scholarships are feasible, and not as uncommon as they seem! A satisfying and stable career is WELL within the realm of possibility for pro-active students!

The Student-Tutor Mastermind community of highly ambitious parents and students will equip teenagers with the skills and support needed for long-term success and happiness!
We've Learned From Job Recruiters, Business Leaders, & Financial Advisors...
...the skills needed for success are NOT being taught in high school! The traditional schooling system does NOT prepare students for the modern world! 
Our education system dates all the way back to Prussia... over a century ago! We're using a system built for the industrial age... not the 21st century!

Entrepreneurial skills, public speaking, networking, group collaboration, website development, personal branding, digital knowledge, and financial skills are not adequately found in our high schools, yet offer the HIGHEST rewards in terms of financial security & career opportunities!

As a member, your student will receive a comprehensive suite of ongoing self-study courses, curriculum, and live virtual hangouts to appropriately fill this gap in your student's education. 
We Understand Teenagers are Busier than Ever...
...and keeping them motivated, focused, organized, and productive can be a constant battle. 
Twice a month, students have the chance to interact with inspirational individuals (under the age of 35), who have built 6 & 7 figure companies, traveled across the world, competed in the Olympics, crush it in the corporate world, doctors, industry influencers, and more!

These mentors bring an infinite wealth of wisdom, inspiration, and motivation, while providing a chance for students to ask burning questions about possible education and career paths that interest them! 

FACT: 51% of students that graduate DON'T use their degree.

Why should they spend 4 years of their life & tens of thousands of dollars preparing for a career that doesn't suit them!?

As a Student-Tutor Mastermind member, your child will develop a deeper level of self-awareness & personal understanding, and a better picture of which career + education path suits their values!
Before I tell you more about the ST Mastermind program, let me ask you a few questions:
  •  Is your student hoping  to get into an elite university?
  •  Is your student looking to start a business?
  • Is your student not 100% certain of their future career?
  • Would your student like to graduate college debt-free and earn a degree that provides long-term ROI and financial stability?  
  •  Does your student lack the motivation needed to get ahead?
  •  Is your student disorganized, poor with timing/scheduling, or procrastinate often? 
  • Does your student lack academic or social confidence? 
  •  Is your student often stressed with the challenge and rigor of their present coursework?
If you answered yes to 1 (or all!) of these questions... I Have Exciting News for You!
Throughout my career, I have helped hundreds of students get into their dream College with thousands of dollars in scholarships. In fact, I personally earned over $85,000 in scholarships! 

However, after working with students for the past 12 years focusing on academic, test prep, and college admissions; I realized that there was an important piece missing in the puzzle for dream college acceptance and overall life success! 

Job recruiters and managers I've interviewed agree that students are not being adequately prepared for the "real world!" Student debt is on the rise, and simply going to college and getting a degree does not guarantee a job or a fulfilling life! In fact, 16 out of 100 students who went to college will be worse off financially than before!

I started to look around at successful millennials in diverse fields... People who were passionate about what they are doing AND are financially secure. I wanted to learn what did they do differently that contributes to their life success!

In addition, I took some time to analyze my personal life.

At 27 years of age, I've: owned and operated two companies, purchased 5 rental properties, wrote for the Huffington Post, traveled to over 35 different countries, and had the financial freedom needed to live life on my own terms. It was hard, but I've managed to design a life that people my age dream about. 

How could I help other students do the same?  How does one develop a career they're excited about each day, while also having skills that are demanded by today's current marketplace - to provide financial stability for the future? 

Responding to the modern parent's cry for help, the Student-Tutor mastermind program was developed and has continiously evolved while dozens of mentors, including myself, teach students "real life" skills they are not learning in school, to prepare them for college & beyond.
The Student-Tutor Mastermind Program 
Enrollment in the program includes the following...
$2,000 Annual Value
Parents and students alike gain access to our exclusive Facebook group and Slack channel to share support and motivation within a like-minded and pro-active community!

Weekly online hangouts include student presentations, guest speakers, workshops, and much more. These sessions assist students in developing public speaking, networking, career, callaboration, and other essential skills!
Support & Accountability
$1,000 Annual Value
Quarterly review of students grades, test scores, and extracurriculars to measure student's progress, set new goals, and ensure we are on track for College, scholarship, and career success! 

This is not a "One-and-Done" program...
It's a Relationship with a Professional MENTOR!
Ongoing Curriculum
$2,500 Annual Value
Suite of 7 ongoing self-study courses ranging from personal development, entreprenuialism, digital marketing, finance, and more!

These courses are designed to teach students "real world" skills and prepare them for elite univeristy acceptance, scholarships, and financial freedom!

New classes constantly being developed! 
This is NOT a "Get Rich Quick" Program
Let's make sure we're on the same page...

There are literally TONS of programs on the market which promise to get elite universities knocking on your door, get a stack of scholarships, or provide students (or yourself) financial freedom by following their "Simple 5-Step Process!"

If this what you are looking for, we should part ways now.

This program is intended for parents looking to pair their students with a personal mentor (who they can relate to), that challenges them, motivates them, holds them accountable, and helps them achieve more than they ever thought possible. 

Some students LOVE being enrolled, while others are quite literally FORCED by their parents...

If your student doesn't already have the drive, I promise... they will thank you later! It is your duty as a parent to do what you know is best for them! 

This course takes work, but the future payoff will come in the form of massive scholarships, acceptance to the nation's most elite college's, and a foundation of essential skills & knowledge that will enable your student to secure a fulfilling life, career, and financial freedom for the future! 

This is NOT a one-time transaction. This is the start of a long and fruitful relationship between you, your child, and their stacked team of personal mentors. 
Once Enrolled, There's NO Turning Your Back on Success! 
This Accountability System is Bullet Proof!

We understand teenagers are EXTERMELY BUSY. Sometimes, they can be tough to motivate, keep focused, and organized... right? As an answer to this, we've implemented nearly a DOZEN accountability measures to ensure success for each student in the program.

Emails, text messages, Slack notifcations, Facebook group posts, points for prizes, phone calls, virtual hangouts for both students and parents, plus any future developed systems keep students from falling behind. 

Students never recieve more than 2 hours of homework per week, and the self-study curriculum empowers each student to work at their own pace. 

Slow and steady wins the race!

Our accountability systems and gamification of the program ensure your student WILL learn the information you paid for.... It is only a matter of time! 

Watch the video to learn more! 
Don't just take MY word for it!
Check Out Michaela's Website! 
Check Out Sydney's Website! 
Curious if This Program is the Right Fit for Your Student?
Parents enroll their students in our program because they want a mentor to ensure College, scholarship, and life success for their student!

Some students LOVE being enrolled, while others are quite literally FORCED by their parents...

If your student doesn't already have the drive, I promise... they will thank you later!

It is your duty as a parent to do what you know is best for them!
3.2+ GPA
For your student to be accepted into the program, they MUST have a GPA of 3.2 or higher.  
College Bound 
This program is designed for students looking to go to a 4-year state or elite university, that would like to graduate debt free by utlizing skills to gain thousands in scholarships. 
7th - 12th Grade
This program is designed for teenagers in 7th - 12th grade. Advanced math, reading , or writing skills are NOT required. 
"We are learning both tangible and intangible tools to help accomplish our goals."
Sydney Millerwise, Arizona Mastermind Student
Inside The Mastermind Program 
Each self-study course takes between 3 - 12 weeks to complete, and includes about 1-2 hours of homework per week.
On average it takes students 8 - 12 months to get through all 6 of our current courses.  

After the 6 foundational courses, your student will have the skills & knowledge necessary to find a career they find joy in,  start a thriving business,  or position themselves to be accepted into elite universities and earn thousands in private & merit scholarships. 

We help student’s discover their purpose by analyzing “why” they do the things they do, “how” they feel accomplished, and “what” the basic nature is in the things they love.

Create S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) post college, college, year, and semester/summer goals around GPA, test scores, and extracurricular activities.

Leverage a few simple mind-hacks and techie tricks, R.O.P.E.R a weekly habit to renew, organize, prioritize, execute, and reflect on the measurable baby steps necessary to reach their semester goals as created in class # 2.

Develop a fully customizable wordpress website to highlight achievements, express passions, network with others, or start a business.

Analyze the market, discover a niche, and position yoursef to provide a service or stand out in a unique way to elite universities & scholarship coordinators. 

Score interviews with influencial individuals in your niche, develop content, and be seen as an expert to expand your business, increase your scholarship chances, and stand out for elite universities. 
BUDGETING & INVESTING (Coming Fall 2018)

Learn the foundations of budgeting, investing, and how to ensure financial security & prosperity in the future. 
Sneak Peak Of Our Weekly Virtual Hangouts
Every Wednesday evening at 7PM PST, students meet with Student-Tutor mentors to ask questions, explore career opportunities, participate in team collaborative excercises, and more; all while practicing networking and group communication. They also give presentations to improve their public speaking skills. 
29-year-old Jake Pfeiffer, the CEO & founder of EXP trips that recently broke 1 million dollars in revenue for 2018 and has taken thousands of teenagers across the country to travel and explore, shares 4 secrets to ensure a successful and fulfilling life! 
Students ask Bobir Akilkhanov questions and learn the importance of public speaking, networking, and not being scared to fail! 
Students learn how to create a value proposition statement and the importance of creating messaging that connections to individuals and organizations "why" and the importance of this for college & scholarship application success! 
In Case You Were Curious Who Created This Program
Talking about myself is probably the activity I hate most...seriously it can be the worst! That being said, most of you don't know me, and I am asking you to give me money for my knowledge, mentorship, and what I can do for your child; so I should tell you a little bit about why this is an awesome deal for you, and the start of lasting partnership! 

I have been working in education for the past 12 years. In fact, I started Student-Tutor when I was 16 years old (in high school), where I tutored math, chemistry, and physics. I graduated with a 4.3 GPA, earned over $85,000 in scholarships, and went on to attend ASU Barret Honors College, where I earned a degree in CIS and Marketing. 

Throughout my college years, I continued tutoring and soon partnered with Laura Petersen, MAED to create an SAT prep course, where I taught the math portion and she taught the reading & writing. 

Our reputation across Phoenix quickly spread as we went from teaching a couple of classes per year, to about a dozen!

In order to expand our program and help more students skyrocket their grades for College & scholarship success, we created a self-study SAT & ACT prep program and hired some tutors to assist us. 

Success built upon success as parents suddenly started seeking my advice for college & scholarships. With not too much knowledge on the topic besides my personal experience, I went into research mode, hired an assistant writer to help me, and starting researching and writing on every academic topic imaginable. 
My content was soon noticed by Adriana Huffington, where I was offered a spot to contribute on The Huffington post! We now have over 300 articles on educational topics. 

Then, about 2.5 years ago, I went into a depressed state... Our business was more successful than ever, but I knew from my research that we were aiding to a failed education system. 

18 out of 100 students who went off to College would end up worse financially, the average student would graudate with $37,172 in debt,  51% would never use the degree they spent 4-years of their life obtaining, and the majority would hate their career choice. 

I left Student-Tutor to pursue an entertainment company that turned into an adult personal development organization that focused on teaching "real life" skills for career fullfillment & financial freedom.  

Over the course of 6 months as I grew this program, I realized this was the solution to the problem!

If students learned these skills early on, they would pick degrees & career options they enjoyed,  would understand the importance of gaining skills that were in demand in the marketplace, and this would result in financial freedom and happiness! 

So, I came back to Student-Tutor, pitched the idea to some of our current clients who quickly signed up their kids... and the mastermind program was born! 

The testimonails I received over the next 6 months were transformational. I can't wait to ensure a life filled with happiness and success for your student! 
Frequently Asked Questions
How long is the teenage mastermind program?
The teenage mastermind program is an ongoing program that takes place over the course of 7th - 12th grade. We take away all the stress that inevitably comes with the College, career, and education process. 

We ensure your student's grades remain strong, test scores on par, and they develop an extracurricular SPIKE to stand out, all while learning "Real Life" skills! 

This is not a one-time transaction. It is the start of a lasting relationship! With that said you can cancel at any time! No commitment or binding contract. 
Is there a free trial?
No, unfortunatly there is not a free trial at this time. However, each program comes with a 100% 30-day satisfaction guarantee! Try it risk free!  
My student is incredibly busy. Will they have time?
Yes! In fact, your student will feel like they have more time after being in the program for a couple months!

They will learn how to manage their time more effectively, and become more focused, productive, and organized. Many students in the program are looking to get into elite univerities, take several AP/honors classes,  participte in clubs and more!

If your student gets too busy, they are allowed to miss a couple weeks and delay the due-date's of their homework assignments. 

If they still feel overwhelmed with the extra course load, we offer an accountability package that does not include any homework assignments but still allows students to participate in the weekly virtual hangouts and us to provide grades, test prep, and extracurricular accountability reports on a quarterly basis. 
How much homework can my student expect per week if enrolled in the full "complete" program?
Your student can expect no more than 2 hours of homework per week! We understand they are super busy! If time allows, they can also move through the self-study curriculmn at a quicker rate. 

When enrolled in "complete", it is our goal for them to get through the material and master these skills. Most students take about a year to get through all the material. 

 Slow and steady wins the race! 
What if I am not satisfied with the program?
We give you 30-days to try risk free! If at anytime you are not 100% satisfied, we will fully refund you!

Give it a try, and see your student's life transform before your eyes! 
Ensure College, Career & Life Success for Your Student Today! 
Pick An Option That Best Suites Your Needs! 
Per Month 
  • Student Weekly & Parent Quarterly Virtual Hangouts
  • Exclusive Student & Parent Facebook Group
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Per Month
  • Student Weekly & Parent Quarterly Virtual Hangouts
  • Exclusive Student & Parent Facebook Group
  • Quarterly Grades, Test Prep, and Extracurricular Accountability 
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Per Month
  • Student Weekly & Parent Quarterly Virtual Hangouts
  • Exclusive Student & Parent Facebook Group
  • Quarterly Grades, Test Prep, and Extracurricular Accountability
  • Self- Study Curriculmn To Aid In Delivering Your Extracurricular SPIKE! 
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
"I just see a light inside of her that has gotten even brighter as a result of being in this. I know it is because of this." - Karen Millerwise, Parent