Revolutionary Teen & Parent Mentorship Program...
Designed to help students explore career possibilities and discover their passions & parents eliminate college entrance stress, so together you make more informed decisions to ensure college, scholarship, and career success!
Student Community
Every Wednesday from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM PST, students are held accountable for their grades and test scores while meeting with industry leading mentors to explore different careers and ensure they won't become part of the 51% who NEVER use their degree! 
Parent Community
Every month, parents get to meet with industry leaders in college finance, scholarships, and college admittance to ensure their student won't become part of the average student who graduates with $37,172 in debt.  
Resources + More
Gain immediate access to dozens of tools and resources on our membership site to ensure both parents and students can identify and continue to take the RIGHT steps for college, scholarship, and career success!
Alarming Statistics We Help Prevent!
"51% of students who graduate never use their degree!"

"59% of students graduate in 6-years, costing you an extra $30,000 - $150,000+!"

"51% of graduates earn less than $35,000 per year!"

"The average student graduates with $37,172 in student debt!"
We Realize That Most Parents & Students Are Under the Old Train of Thought by...
...only focusing on increasing their GPA, skyrocketing their SAT/ACT/PSAT test scores, and getting into colllege. 

They don't realize that this is only a small element of teenage success.
It is no secret that college is more expensive than ever, with the elite schools costing upward to $300,000+ dollars and very little financial assitance being given to families with a $150,000+ combined income. 

Therefore, we can't risk your student attending college and being part of the majority who never use their degree, graduate in 6-years, earn less than $35,000 per year, take on $37,172 in personal student debt, and hate their line of work.  

How do you solve this problem? Simple...

Educate Your Teenager on the Modern Strategies for Success... exploring different career possibilites with the help of young (25-35 year old) professionals who are living the life they think they might want to do + learning real life skills like goal setting, organization, website development, finance, and more!

Not only will this help give them clarity the direction they are headed and a jump start their career, it will also help them develop a SPIKE to differentiate themselves for elite college acceptance & private scholarships!  
"I love that not only does she get a Todd as a mentor, but she is getting to hear from different highly accomplished teachers every week."
What is Included in Your Student-Tutor Membership...
1. Student & Parent Community
Weekly 60-minute student virtual hangouts with mentors, plus, monthly 60-minute parent virtual hangouts with industry specialists! 

Normally, it would cost you $100+ per hour for your student to get access to these mentors and $150 - $300+ per hour to get access to these industry specialist! The total annual value is around $7,000! 
2. Support & Accountability
Every quarter, we have virtual accountability meetings to create new S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) goals around grades, test scores, and the student's SPIKE.

This is the SAME checklists and software used by the leading educational consultants that charge upwards of $3,000! Using the power of the community, we pass on the savings to you! 
Even if you don't continue we want you to keep the checklist free of charge! :)
3. Ongoing Curriculum + Membership Site!  
We have spent years developing a curriculum with courses ranging from goal setting, discover your purpose, productivity & organization, website development, SAT/ACT prep, private scholarships and have even partnered with Dave Ramsey, a leading financial expert to provide every possible course your teenage student needs for success! 

If you were to buy these courses separately they would end up costing you $3,730! 
I just see a light inside of her that has gotten even brighter as a result of being in this. I know it is because of this." - Karen Millerwise, Parent
Start Designing the Life of Your Dreams With...
...the community, accountability, and curriculum necessary to ensure college, scholarship, and career success! 

Start your 2-week free trial and see for yourself! Let us prove to you that this program will have a transformational impact on your student's life like it has done for dozens of others!
Need more help? Want a custom fit plan? We also offer one on one mentorship to ensure college, scholarship, and career success! 

Book your consultation so we can develop customized plan for your particular needs!
"I refined my understanding of myself and my passions and haven't recessed back to the level of motivation I had before. I became more productive by learning numerous new methods for personal growth and efficiency." - Jacquie Kuru, 11th Grade Student
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